Wednesday, May 13, 2015

giving colors

Ila opened her Bible reader to color the picture from the story of Elijah and the prophets of baal today...

I: Mom! There's a dead bull in the fire!
Q: Yes, sweetie, it was the sacrifice.
Q: I agree, it's very sad.
I: Really, Mom! You would think they wouldn't put a poor dead animal
right in a first grader's Bible to color. How am I supposed to be glad to
do this work when I have to color that bull?
Q: (laughing now) Just color the fire, sweetie.
I: I know! I'll make that fire beautiful reds and oranges and yellows and
give the poor bull some colors, and I will remember how God smacked
those silly prophets.

All we need is a bright palette and a little perspective, yes? ♥

Thursday, May 7, 2015

of bald eagles and banana brains


I: Guess what!! Guess what?! I found a nest!! A bald eagle nest, and it has an egg in it!!
S: A bald eagle nest? Show me!
I: Look, Samuel!! See?
S: *disgusted* That is NOT an egg, it's a ROCK. Besides, bald eagles don't live here.
I: *now disgusted also* Just you look AGAIN, Samuel. Don't you SEE?

S: Ila, I SEE that THAT is a ROCK.
I: Well, it's clear! YOU are a banana brain!

How I love these two ^_^  They love each other to pieces and drive each other right up the wall - lol! When I spoke with Ila about the name-calling, she confided that she had been using her imagination. She just couldn't understand why Samuel couldn't SEE! "He can usually see EVERYTHING in my imagination, Mom."

What a gift to have a brother and best friend who is so close that he can see your dreams ♥