Thursday, February 26, 2015

the "this moments"

Oh my heart! This from my reading today...

"Let my mind park there. Let my heart relish there.
Let my mouth dare to whisper what a joy this is.
I love you. I love us. I love this moment..."
~L Terkeurst

Oh, Father, thank You for the "this moments."

Thank you for eyes to see and wisdom to understand and heart to appreciate them. I do not want to miss them anywhere. Thank you for the precious ones from all my life to love and for the "this moments" that have been and for those yet to come. Oh! How I thank You ♥

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mom's Chili Con Carne

The sweetlings are fairly pinging off the walls at the idea of another snowfall! Needless to say we could probably power the county if need be and maybe even the whole state ^_^ As we watch the sky and the afternoon moves on, we hope and hope and hope and plan. Another of the grand "JJQP" snow day traditions is Mom's chili. It's simple and quick, and it is the flavor of winter weather adventures.

Mom's Chili Con Carne

2 lbs ground beef
2 cans (29 oz) pinto beans
1 large onion, chopped
1 can (15 oz) tomato sauce
1 can (15 oz) stewed tomatoes with basil, garlic & oregano
salt & pepper to taste

Brown meat and onion, drain.
Add tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes, salt and pepper.
Cover and cook on low for about 30 minutes.
Add pintos, mix well and simmer for at least 45 minutes.

Notes: The above is the quickest version of the recipe, made up of things that are usually on hand in the pantry. One change that I make is to use small tomato dices instead of the large stewed tomatoes (the sweetlings do not care for "huge, red globs" in their chili - lol). I also add my own mixture of the basil, garlic, and oregano.

We serve this with warm cornbread and a fruit cup. Enjoy ♥