Wednesday, April 27, 2016

for Isaac

We have a precious friend who is very sick tonight. His name is Isaac, and he is twelve years old. He has had lots of awful symptoms and has been dealing with them for about six weeks now. He's had lots of tests, and there have been no answers so far.

He is weary and discouraged today. His precious mom and dad and siblings are brokenhearted at his hurting, longing for him to feel better and for a return to daily days.

Isaac and his family know and love Jesus, and they are in need of prayer just now.
Will you lift them up with us, friends?

Thank you ♥

Friday, April 22, 2016

rain day

The rain on the heads of the spring bursting wheat
The puddles that splish and splash under feet

The sparkling bright drops gently rolling down leaves
On the slightly bent branches supported with ease

The many hued flowers gazing high to the sky
Drinking full freely, seem to grin and to sigh

The joy of a rain day here under the trees
rejoicing and dancing, a gorgeous reprieve

So thankful ♥