Friday, August 1, 2014

gentle, awesome blessings

My mother's stew beef recipe is bubbling away on the stove... the house smells like a hug. The sweetlings are happily playing outside in the cool (dare I say it?), prelude to fall weather. Jamie is washing up jars for another harvest of honey from our hives. I am working on my fall calendar, back-to-school notes, and new church year projects. All is well, and I am grateful beyond words for the gentle, awesome blessings the Father has given this day.

How are you? I have missed you all, too, so much ♥

Saturday, December 21, 2013

the last word

The Word has come down in the midst of our conflicts and our messes
 and Jesus Christ, The Word, He’s lit the world. 

Everywhere, lights. 

He’s the final Word, the igniting fire 
that goes on forever and kindles and warms and saves.

You can see it today — 
the whole weary world drawing nearer now, coming close to rejoice.

Because the Babe in the manger is the ultimate blessed proof –
that Love has the last word.

~Ann Voskamp