Wednesday, May 15, 2019

rest on Him

Reading in my Amy Carmichael bio has been and continues to be quite the cardio. What a blessing to have such a book to read, such a life to peek into, such stuff to ponder and work with as I go about my days. Already, I find myself (after finishing my reading for the day) flipping back to look for and reread favorite under-linings. Here is one of them, written by Amy's mom to her daughter; one that calms and soothes this daughter, even as I struggle again in the wake of missing my own mom...

"My own Precious Child,

He who hath led will lead
All through the wilderness,

He who hath fed will surely feed....

He who hath heard thy cry
Will never close His ear,

He who hath marked thy faintest sigh
Will not forget thy tear.

He loveth always, faileth never,

So rest on Him today--forever."

After this, then, I am again in a resting place with tears welling.
Quinne? What can God not do? O my heart ♥

Friday, March 15, 2019

His perspective

From my quiet time this morning...

"Everything is an affair of the spirit. Everything, to one who loves God and longs with a sometimes desperate longing for a draught of Living Water, a single touch of His hand, a quiet word--everything, I say, can be seen in His perspective.

Does He watch? Yes, 'Thou God seest me' (Genesis 16:3). Is His love surrounding us? 'I have loved you with an everlasting love' (Jeremiah 31:3). 'I will never leave you or forsake you' (Hebrews 13:5). May I offer to Him my feeling of dislocation between reality and my ideals, the great chasm which separates the person I long to be, the work I long to do for Him, the family I struggle to perfect for His glory--from the actuality? I may indeed, for it is God Himself who stirs my heart to desire, and He can easily see across the chasm. He enfolds all of it, He is at work in me and in those I pray for, 'to will and to do of His good pleasure' (Philippians 2:13)."

I, then, can take heart, whisper a prayer of thanks, and--walk on. Right here, right now, in the place and things I know for certain He has given me to be, I walk on in the light of His perspective.

The place of foot lamps is so beautiful,
when I care to take a moment to see ♥

Quote from Elisabeth Elliot Keep A Quiet Heart

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

friends like this

You just never, ever know how the Father may use something that you say or do to bless someone else in ways that you can't imagine. That happened for me today. A precious friend, simply telling me about her day, asking me to pray... and suddenly I could see. Past the end of my own nose. Does that happen to you, too?
Here's what she said... "I'm struggling to see how some folks can ever know Him in the world they live in. But I know He's there whispering and showing Himself. I pray God can use me, especially with these folks, and allow me to be a part of the whisper."
How I thank the dear Father for friends like this. Friends who love big. Friends who chase Him earnestly. Friends who are walking the pathway set before them in the plain old every days, here in the place where they have been planted, in the light of His glory and grace --and longing for others to be able to do these things, too. Friends whose lives tell His story.
O to be a part of the whisper ♥

Monday, November 19, 2018

even lovelier

Those moments when the Father gives you the most beautiful awareness of what is happening right where you are... and at first, you wish that you could freeze the frame and hold them close... and then, now that you are paying close attention, you see them as they pass into the next moments --and the becoming is even lovelier... and you find that you wouldn't change a thing because who He is and what He does and the plans He makes are perfect...

You find yourself at a loss for words, though you love them so, and you grin and thanks is praise because all is grace. And the joy? Well, it just overflows ♥