Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a step

He stands. He balances with his pudgy little flat-ish, kissable feet. He looks to see if we are watching him - all of us. He uses his arms as well, seeming to scoop the motion out of the air. His little face radiates with a smile straight from the Father's heart - it's just that joyful. He pauses a moment more.

And then he takes a step.
And another.
And it continues across the entire room.

Oh, how he laughs and rejoices when he's made the journey.
He "uh-oh"s if he falls and gets back up to try again and again and again.

He is so proud, and we are too. Clapping and shouting "yay!" we encourage him, even when he falls on his cutie little hiney. Sometimes he is frustrated, and sometimes he gets silly. But still he continues - until he is weary, and his legs just won't hold him for another trip. He crawls, then, into our arms to rest.


Yes, do read it all again.

A treasure from my journal, it's a picture of our sweet Samuel when he was learning to walk.

It is also a picture of me and of you.

We are called to take the steps: easy, fun, hard, frustrating, joyful, painful... trying, trying, trying! Continuing each day, we walk alongside and toward the One who loves us so. And when we are weary?  If we crawl into His arms and spend a little time resting in Him, life, strength, joy, love, it all returns. Then we can get up and practice our walk again ♥

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  1. Thank you for this, sister. I cried. I see the past, the babies. And I see me in this, too. Wobbly, unsteady at times; running joyfully; falling, resting, panting into faithful arms. Beautiful. ♥