Monday, August 26, 2013


This morning I was working in the kitchen and noticed a new decoration that had been added to the wall beside the pantry. A very small, muddy handprint (:

It's quite light, so it may have been there for a day or two. And to be honest, I haven't wiped it away yet. One more day won't hurt, right?

I suppose that only a mom would find treasure in blotches of dirt on the wall, yes? Well, yes! My first thought was probably the same as yours: Ack! I am always reminding sweetlings to wash hands! When will the lesson become a true habit for this little one?

And then? Then, my heart began to sing. There is a little one here! Alive, well, healthy, creative, lovely, imaginative, playful, caring, fearless, loud... wonderful! She is a song-singer, a joy-bringer, a gift. So bring on the mud!

One day the handprints of my sweetlings will be the size of mine or larger. One day soon. And so, for this day and this time, I am celebrating. Praising the Father for the gift of a muddy handprint ♥

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  1. Fresh tears on a day that I've shed many. These are tears of joy. Your heart for your babies is so contagious and reminds me - though we're in a different season with high school & junior high - to treasure even the messes. Thank you!