Saturday, August 24, 2013

my ladies

Some of the precious ladies in my church took me to breakfast this morning. Judy, Patty, Tammy, Eugenia, Virginia -- thank you! It was lovely to be with you, and I appreciate your time more than I can say.

Becoming a pastor's wife was not something that had ever occurred to me. When Jamie and I met, all through school, and in beginning our life together, we had other plans. Then one day while Jamie was mowing the lawn, God changed our plans (:

When I think of being a pastor's wife, remembering my mom who became one in the middle of her life as I did, remembering the other wonderful ladies that have been the wives of my pastors... I am so very thankful. They never had any idea that the things I saw in them as they walked and served would shape my heart and mind for these days.

But oh! The richness of the examples set before me. Not perfect women by any stretch of the imagination, but they were real. The wonderful times and the difficult times shaped them into some of the most profoundly kind, loving, Christ-like people I have known.

This month it has been nine years since I was called to become a pastor's wife. The ladies I am walking alongside are magnificent. Every time I spend even a few minutes with them, I am learning, I am blessed, and I am so loved. What a privilege ♥

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  1. NINE YEARS. NINE. I cannot wrap my brain around that....I'm so glad you two answered the call. :)