Thursday, August 22, 2013


Please pray with us for Ila tonight. She was playing outside collecting rocks and found "a really, really big one" for her display inside. While trying to get it inside, she dropped it on her foot. Specifically, on her big toe, which now has a broken nail (almost all the way back). It is awful. It looks terrible and is, of course, very sore.

We are beyond grateful that her toe is not broken. Please pray with us that she will rest tonight and that healing will begin quickly. Thanks ♥

Update 8/23: Thank you so much for your prayers! She rested well last night, and is feeling quite herself today. We visited the doctor, and her toe is bruised. She will lose the nail, but it will grow again just fine (: Jamie is still carrying her around, and she will be a bit less busy than usual as it heals. Continue to lift her up if you will ♥

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