Wednesday, August 28, 2013

playing puppy

I wish you could have heard my sweetlings playing just a little while ago! They began with giggles, then came the laughter, and finally the hoots and shouts of completely cracked up. Their joy is one of the most beautiful sounds --ever (:

They have a new game invented this summer by Meredith for the entertainment of her younger brother and sister. They call it "playing puppy." The star of the show is Meredith's long-time (since she was one year old) best stuffed friend, Puppy.

The true brilliance of the thing, according to Samuel and Ila, is Meredith herself. She voices puppy and takes them all on the most wonderful adventures. It began with big sis creating the entire thing (including music) spontaneously as they played. These days, Samuel and Ila ask for particular adventures. Right now it is Mr. Tolkien's trilogy, and it is hilarious!

One of Puppy's greatest hits is a song we call "Coconut Cheese" --part of the song talks about eating bananas washed down with coconut cheese. Don't ask ^.^  I have no idea! But how they laugh when Puppy includes it in the day's adventure.

And my favorite part? Well, lots of parts really...
Listening to that beautiful laughter. Stepping to peek around the corner to watch them at play. Knowing that God gave them to each other as gifts. He chose them for one another for this time and for their whole lives, and I get to be here to watch their relationships grow. Anticipating the times when we gather through the years to come --and we recall this game together. Joy! ♥


  1. I love your heart for your kids, Quinne. And I'm so glad you're writing here again.