Monday, September 30, 2013


Popping in again today to ask you to pray with me...

On his way to bed just now Samuel said, "Now Mom, if tonight is the night I am supposed to ask Jesus into my heart, I come and tell you, right?" I asked him if it was the time, and he said, "Well, I have been thinking about it."

I told him that he would know for sure when the time came. (We have been praying that for him since he was born - that he would be certain.) And that, yes, he should definitely come down and tell me.

My heart! This is the first time he has ever mentioned thinking about it. Please lift Samuel up with us, asking with us that the Father let him know unmistakably when the time is here. Thank you, friends ♥

Update: Samuel just came downstairs to let me know! We prayed together, and then he called his Grands. How excited and thankful we are! Joy!

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