Wednesday, September 11, 2013

farewell little frog

We are missing one of our little frog friends this morning. "Skip" died last night. We noticed yesterday that he seemed to be weak and that he was not spending his time down in the bottom of the tank (as the healthy frogs of this kind do). Samuel has kept close watch over all three of his little guys since we brought them home, and he knew that Skip was smaller and not as busy as the other two. Needless to say, I cried when we found him last night.

I dreaded telling Samuel this morning, knowing how he has already taken these little guys into his heart and under his care. This is what he had to say when I told him:

"It's OK, Mom. I am glad that if he could not live, he could die. God made Skip and already Skip was a good friend to me. Do you think it will be all right if we get another frog for Hop and Jump to play with? I think they might miss him, too."

I am keeping Samuel close in my prayers today. Will you pray with me? ♥

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