Monday, September 2, 2013

first day

Today was our first day of school! It was made extra special by the fact that Jamie was at home with us. The children are absolutely thrilled any time he gets to be here for an extra day.

We spent the morning with introductions into our themes for the year, with wonderful books and stories, and with making some plans. (I will write more about our curriculum, schedule, etc in upcoming posts.)

The afternoon was an adventure! We trooped to the pet store for fish and frog tanks -- some very special friends are coming to live with us this week -- and spent the afternoon and early evening setting them up. On Friday we will go back to pick up the pets. How excited the sweetlings are! I don't think there was a single quiet moment from the time we arrived home until after supper ^_^

Tomorrow will be our first full day, and I am excited.
Please continue to pray with us if you will. It's going to be a lovely week ♥

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