Thursday, September 26, 2013

I remember...

... when I was told we were expecting you. I was three years old, and it was the biggest news I'd ever heard.

... waiting with my hands plastered to Grandmother & Grandee's front glass door for you to "ever, finally" come home to me.

... that Mom and Dad let me hold you as much as I wanted to. How proud I was!

... playing with Chris and Jenny. Best friends just our ages, amazing fun.

.... when I came home from school each day, and you and Mom were waiting for me. You were sitting on the rug by the sliding glass door grinning from ear to ear and bellowing for me to come and play.

... so many things.

The stories pop to mind, so many of them. Funny and fun, absolutely joy-filled, heart-wrenching, there are forty years' worth now. Wow. Best part, hands down? They are the story of us.

Love you so much, Paige!
Happy, Happy Birthday ♥

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