Sunday, September 15, 2013


Love has been the theme bridging my studies, my reading, my lesson prep, and lots of little moments in the motion of my days lately. I went searching in my journal for treasures from days past on the subject and discovered this. When I wrote this, it was a heart-cry. It still is, of course, but today it is also a psalm of praise, a challenge, and a prayer of thanks ♥

i am thinking about Mom, and i am missing her. i miss her face, the way she smelled, the way she would light up when she saw me, the way she could infuse a room or an occasion with energy, the joy and delight she found in things, the way she was so difficult, the way she loved. and once again, tonight, i am learning a lesson about love through the fires of having lost her.
  i am to love. i am to love. i am to love. i am to love. i am to love. i am to love.

i know what it feels like to be loved. God has shown me that in Him i have infinite love - He loves me, i am His. Jesus came to express it - in Christ, i can love like He did. only in Him do i have any means by which to do that.  i am to love.

when i wail and cry He knows - He feels it more. He loves me, you see. He knew what it would be to me for her to be away.

a priceless gift it is - how beyond utterly thankful i am - to be able to see Him there and here. i am to love

with the precious gems falling when i care to look and see - those gifts He has for me. this is one.. this is one. to love like that - to love with the Jesus in me.

He knows i can, even when i can't see it. but tonight, i see it. i do. i am to love.

to look at those who are hurting and love them with the love He has given me. to really know what it feels like to have your heart torn apart - but likewise to know that He will mend it. He has. He will.

there, Quinne, love with that. look at them and really see them, Quinne, beyond what it costs you, Quinne, yes when you are frail, yes when you are weak, yes when you are simple, yes when you are fearful. yes when it means you might fail. in My power, love.

i am to love. one another... john 15:17

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