Saturday, September 7, 2013

our friend, Belle

Today I would like to introduce you to a precious friend of ours named Belle. Belle is six years old and has been battling brain and spinal cancer for four years. My sweetlings have never met Belle, but they love her so much! Ever since the day we head her story, we have been praying daily. And we would like to invite you to join us.

The following is the latest update we have received. If you would like to become a little more acquainted with Belle, check the "Online Friends" tab for a link to her site.

Thanks so much for reading! Please pray with us for Belle today ♥

I have to take a break from our Saturday morning "clean up" time to record what Belle just said.  I was getting ready to sweep in the playroom when she came in and decided she was going to play "school."  She was a little mad, especially after I made her pick up the coloring books she dumped out- the same ones Jack and Emily had just picked up.  When I moved her school table to sweep around it she said, "Seriously, now's the time you choose to clean up?!"  Well.... I was there first!

Chemo went well yesterday and she seems to be feeling fine.  Her ANC is low at only 750 and her platelets were 196,000.  Both are starting out less than what I would like for them to be.  Please pray that her ANC would rise and that her platelets will tolerate these 3 weeks of chemo. 

It is my understanding that Belle will remain on this chemo until her cancer progresses again, or her bone marrow can no longer tolerate it.  Meaning her ANC drops below the 500 mark and her platelets are less than 50,000.  Seeing as how we have extremely limited options, if any at all, we want this to work for as long as possible.  She has done well to make it into her 6th cycle (month).  She also seems to be tolerating the Keppra (seizure medication) just fine, too.

We could not do this without your prayers.  Please know that they are greatly appreciated each and every day.  

Thanks so much! Kelley

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