Friday, September 27, 2013

storytime with Ila (:

I stepped away from the dinner table last night, and while I was away, Ila began sharing a story with Jamie, Meredith, and Samuel...

"Oh, man! Do you remember this story, guys? When Peter hopped right out of that boat and started walking on the water? How cool is that? I would love to do that someday! Maybe even with Peter! Those guys were so scared, but Peter wasn't. He went right on out there with Jesus!"

I was hearing bits and pieces and wanted to know what she was saying, so I called her to come see me for a second. She came running and began to tell me the story. We had a fun conversation going, and then Jamie called her back to the table to finish her supper.

Her reply? "Be right there, Dad! Mom's preaching me a sermon!"

Now you know I would never do that ^_^
But you should have Ila tell you that story sometime ♥

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