Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a little leaf named Harvey

Ila's subject of study this week is Ll leaf (:

This morning the strangest thing happened with one of our geraniums! Ila and I were sitting out on the front steps reading part of our lesson together, when we noticed a conversation going on in the geranium bush.

A little leaf named Harvey was fussing! He did NOT like living on the bush with all of the other leaves. Yes, he was getting good food, plenty of water and sunshine -- all that he needed. But he didn't LIKE having to live in the terra cotta pot on the front steps. He didn't WANT to have to do what was expected of him. Harvey wanted to do his OWN thing!

So do you know what he did? He left! He moved from the geranium bush to the window sill beside Ila's desk in the kitchen to live.

Needless to say Ila and I will be watching to see how Harvey does on his own.


This lesson was one that really touched the hearts of Meredith and Samuel as they completed this week of their own Kinder years. I am excited to see how God will use this lesson in Ila's heart ♥

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