Wednesday, October 16, 2013

in the stillness

We tend to think that the great power, the great effect is in the doing, the busy-ness, the project, the mission, the plan, the emphasis, the program, the going, the big wow…

We must put our hands on it!
We must give our opinion about it!
We must make ourselves not only known but heard and understood!
We must effect change, persuade!
We must spend much time!

We could not be more incorrect.

The great power, the great effect is in the stillness,
a quiet heart and mind, listening.

And when we can hear, we can also see.
And when we can see, we know more of His heart.

When we know a little more, we want to keep learning more and more, and we become more like Him --just tiny bit by tiny bit more perfectly who He created us to be.

And as the fullness of the Word, the Life, the Truth settles around and in us,
we know how to pray.

The conversation continues, the relationship spills out and over and into the lives of others.

As we are still, as we know, they will come to know Him, too,
and He is glorified ♥

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