Monday, October 21, 2013

in their hands

Bunches of dandelions, a pretty leaf, a cute little bug, fresh picked vegetables from the garden, an interesting stick, a sparkling rock --dancing, rejoicing they bring them to wherever I am so that we can wonder and take delight...

A book she just loved --the story is so rich in her heart that she places the book on my bedside table so I can enjoy it, dream it, live it a little while with her...

Her art, drawings of what's inside and the stuff of her dreams --bringing them and herself, heart completely open, for me to see and to hear and to know...

A super spectacular lego creation, one that I never ever could have imagined. He brings it to me (or me to it) to marvel over, and then he tells me in glorious detail the story of its creation (and the ideas he has for the many adventures to come)...

Her very favorite kitty cat dressed to the nines, her favorite marble, a new art creation with "just bunches of color for you, Mommy," an idea for a new game she just invented...

Willing hearts and hands and voices for days and days of celebration, chores, learning, stories, songs, imagination, adventures...

Hugs and smiles and hopes in the hours of our days for miles and years...

...oh, I am so loved in their hands ♥


  1. I loved this post, Quinne! And I think with chagrin at how many books Ella has left in my room with the declaration, "Mommy! YOU NEED to read this." And I only read a few. But I love your encouragement, here, that their invitation for us to do so is them letting us in, wanting us to dream and live it with them. 'Tis a good reminder.
    Love to you and yours,

  2. *tears* These windows are good for my sister/aunt soul.... ♥

    1. Hey (: I feel the same way popping into your window ♥

  3. I know just what you mean, Stacy! I have three on my night stand right now ^_^ Hugs!

  4. I was researching old blog posts and came to a link of a comment you made. Yes, I remember her! It is sad to lost touch with old blog friends. :)

    1. Hi Brenda (: It's wonderful to see you!