Sunday, October 27, 2013

lifting up

Hello, friends (: Will you pray with me today? So many precious people on my mind and heart, and it would be a lovely blessing to know that you are lifting them up, too.

• Dad - just not feeling well for a couple of weeks now, and no answers

• Gary - having an eight hour surgery beginning in the morning at 7am

• Steven - praise! for making it through his crucible weekend, a brand new marine

• Carlton Beam's Family • Bessie Elliott's Family • George Kountz's Family

• Belle - unable to receive any more chemo right now, next MRI is Nov 13 at St Jude

• The upcoming Thanksgiving/Christmas season - my heart is so full, and I find joy and wonder bubbling all around - already ^_^  I am looking forward to what the Father is going to do in these next two months, and oh! I don't want to miss Him anywhere.

Thanks & so much love ♥

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