Thursday, October 3, 2013

update: Belle

You may remember that I introduced a very special friend of ours to you in an earlier post. Her name is Belle, and she is six years old. Belle has been fighting cancer for four years now, and these days she has been taking a new type of chemo (which is the last thing that doctors believe that they can do for her).

Tomorrow Belle will receive the results of a test on her kidneys. If the test shows that the treatment is too hard on her system, she will no longer be able to receive the chemo.

Pray with us?
Thanks so, so much ♥

Update:  Belle was not able to receive chemo today.  Her creatinine levels are coming down, which is a good thing, but they are not where the doctor wants them to be. Her creatinine level determines how well her kidneys are functioning.  Chemo is not completely off the table yet.  The doctor will check her labs and kidney functions again next Friday to see where she is,  so her body has another week to try and recover more. Please pray that Belle's platelets would come up and that her creatinine levels would come down.  Thanks for your prayers.

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