Friday, November 15, 2013

Dad - please pray

Please lift up my dad with me as soon as you see this --and as often as this comes to mind. He is on the way to the hospital (out of town) right now, dealing with a recurring issue that is very uncomfortable. The issue usually resolves itself within a few days --and we are praying for a very quick recovery this time. The alternative is surgery, and that would be very difficult with Dad's medical history.

He has been dealing with some pneumonia now for several weeks, and is quite weak.

It is such a blessing to have friends who pray ♥

UPDATE: Your prayers and notes have been such a blessing today! Dad has been admitted and is settled into his room. He is uncomfortable but not in pain (so thankful!)  Now we wait and pray that a resolution will come naturally and quickly.  Please keep Dad close in your prayers, especially for the next few days (:

UPDATE: Dad was able to come home yesterday (Sunday)! He is tired but feeling much better. We are praising the Father for so many things, including precious friends who pray. Thank you ♥

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