Wednesday, November 13, 2013

hearts in a cup

Did you know that there is a super special recipe for sweetling smiles? There is! You can mix up a batch any time you like. Would you like to know how? ^_^

You'll need every sweetling's favorite mug, and your own favorite, too.

Set them out on the counter in a row from smallest to tallest. This is an optional step, but it adds to the joy of the moment --and is guaranteed to make you smile.

Gather the chocolate (or cocoa) and the milk, and mix to taste. Begin warming on the stove, stirring often. We want no boiling here - just gentle warming to wonderful. (If you think of it that way, all the stirring becomes a blessing, you see.)

In between stirs, go for the garnishes. The ones I keep on hand are whipping cream, marshmallows, peppermints (Brach's, to be precise), cinnamon, mini chocolate chips and multi-colored sprinkle dots.

When the milk mixture is warmed to steaming, pour the cups. Be sure to leave plenty of space at the top for a mountain of yum!

Call in the sweetlings and voila! Sweetling smiles for miles (:

Let them dress their own cups -- sharing a little advice here and there about the best combinations of garnishes. Our favorite right now is whipped cream with sprinkle dots on top ♥

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