Saturday, December 7, 2013

a Christmas meditation

• Suppose that Christ had not been born 
that far away Judean morn.

• Suppose that God, whose mighty hand created worlds,
had never planned a way for men to be redeemed.

• Suppose the wise men only dreamed that guiding star
whose light still glows down through the centuries.

• Suppose Christ never walked here in men’s sight,
our blessed Way, and Truth, and Light.

• Suppose He counted all the cost and never cared that we were lost,
and never died for you and me,
nor shed His blood on Calvary upon a shameful cross.

• Suppose that having died, He never rose,
and there was none with power to save our souls
from death beyond the grave!

• As far as those who do not know Him know,
these things that I’ve supposed are so.

~MS Nicholson

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