Saturday, December 14, 2013

a question

Meredith wrote me a letter tonight. I have told her repeatedly that I love conversation with her in any shape or form, and that it and will always be welcome and a joy. And she has taken those words to heart. Often these days I come upstairs to find a note on my bedside table - how I cherish them.

Tonight, she asked me a question: Mom, if you could ask God for anything, what would you ask Him for?

I began writing the answer before I even thought about it really. I would ask that He come soon and that my family and I could meet Him together. Simple, hopeful on one hand and selfish on the other, and I had no idea that this would be the first answer from my heart to that question.

Another thing I have been saying to my sweet girl for years and years is that the Father teaches me every day through her. The reflection of Him in her face, her heart, her life is beautiful. What a privilege to grow alongside such a one ♥

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