Monday, December 16, 2013

our littlest caroler

Last week when we finished getting our tree up and decorated, we all scrunched together onto the couch with all lights off --except for the tree-- to sing carols. Jamie plays his guitar and we sing requests from each one until we get tired or run out of carols ^_^ This is something that we have done every year since Meredith was little, and we all love it.

But this year, we sang one and then another and then as we began the third request, Ila began getting sad. She said, "But I don't know that one..." So we stopped and asked for another request. This time a little more loudly we heard, "But I DON'T KNOW that one!" Another try and we had extreme outside voice followed by tears. ):

Ila couldn't remember the words to most of the carols she learned last year.

I gently told her that she had learned them but because we don't sing them all through the year, she had forgotten. That did not help. I shared that Meredith and Samuel had both had the same experience around this age, and that we would all help her to learn them again. That didn't help either. Finally, we began singing again, having told Ila that she could sing what she knew and that she could listen and start to re-learn the ones that were forgotten. That was the last straw.

Our poor sweetling yelled and stomped and took off for her room. So we ended up with a consequence situation - how's that for a wonderful family Christmas memory?

Ila is the youngest, and she absolutely battles it. Being the eldest, I have only ever been an observer of the challenges that come with being a younger sibling. Samuel did not fret with it so, because he and Meredith have a greater span of years between their ages. But Ila is close enough in age to Samuel to really take it to heart. And it seems right now  (to her) that nearly every situation points to the fact that she is the youngest.

Will you pray with me for my littlest caroler? She has mellowed in her thinking about the songs enough that she is determined to be ready to go Christmas caroling this week. Carols can be heard nearly constantly while she is awake each day ^_^  Pray with me that she will understand that God has called her to be just the age she is -- that He chose her especially because He knew that Meredith and Samuel needed her to be their younger sister. No one else would do! She is His best for them - a gift.

Thanks, friends ♥

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