Friday, December 13, 2013

six little patches

When I work on something on the creative side, painting, drawing, writing, anything I would consider to be of art or of design... there has to be some room for the moment. Hmm... maybe wiggle room would be the best way to describe what I am trying to say? LoL!

I like to plan, to have some idea what I am setting out to do and what I hope to find in the end -- but the more specific details live and breathe as I work (or play).

So, today! Well today I was sewing. And that is not a gift of mine ^_^ A few years ago I made a stuffed cat for Ila -- and it is wonderful in her eyes (which makes it wonderful in mine), but truly it is a homely and very modest attempt at best.

Today, I spent more hours (h.o.u.r.s.) than I care to acknowledge having spent attempting to stitch six little patches onto Samuel's brand new cub scout shirt. They have to be straight, you see. Each of them has to be in a specific spot on the shirt. The point on this diamond shaped patch has to be directly under the point of the left front pocket flap and so on. Yikes!

Well, they are on. In reality, I didn't have the thread colors I really needed, all of my finger tips on both hands are sore, and I am still not sure that any of them are quite straight!

But, oh! His face when I finished the last stitch. Those big blue eyes bright and that smile... he tried it on and was absolutely delighted. He cheered and danced a little, and then there was a big bear hug for mom along with a high-five that made my hand sting ^_^

Celebrating, so thankful - what a privilege ♥

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