Tuesday, December 17, 2013

two and a half hours on Tuesdays

Each week there is a very special two and a half hours tucked into my Tuesday. My sweet, sweet boy and I have a little time just for us. The girls head out with Jamie to the barn, and Samuel and I have an adventure ^_^

Sometimes we run errands, other times we do projects. If we have had a very busy day, we just hang out and read together or play games or go outside... There is always lots of laughter - my little man is just full of joy, and it spreads like sunshine. I have time to listen to all of his latest jokes and to hear the details of the new designs he has planned for his legos - uninterrupted. Absolutely priceless.

Today we had a very special project! Samuel's pack is having a Christmas party tonight, and he wanted to bake. We counted marshmallows, melted them, and made rice krispie treats -- complete with sprinkles, of course! Then we brought out the cookie pans and made chocolate chunk cookie bites -- piles of them. Samuel made sure to taste test every completed batch, so that we could be certain that everything was just right (lol).

We also planned and made supper for our family in between batches of goodies, so Samuel earned a step for his wolf this afternoon as well (: He was so proud!

What a super fun afternoon!
How thankful I am ♥

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