Tuesday, August 5, 2014

boxes in boxes

When you saw the post title did you immediately think I'd mistyped the name of a Dr. Seuss classic? LoL! I am tempted to stop here and try a little poetry, but I will try to behave ^_^

There are treasures sitting all around my desk and our den today. It is box day! The glorious feel and scent of new books is adding to the excitement of the day. I adore books - oh my goodness, I do! Opening one that I have never read before, considering the possibilities of a new idea to teach, wondering just how it will all come together as planning transitions into learning.

My first thought is, "How thankful I am!" Too, my heart is full and my eyes are teary. It is huge, this thing that we are beginning again in a few weeks.

School is in my hands, on my heart, and bubbling all around my mind today. I find myself once again challenged to the extreme and looking forward with such a sense of expectation. Just can't wait to see what the Father has in store ♥

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