Friday, August 1, 2014

gentle, awesome blessings

My mother's stew beef recipe is bubbling away on the stove... the house smells like a hug. The sweetlings are happily playing outside in the cool (dare I say it?), prelude to fall weather. Jamie is washing up jars for another harvest of honey from our hives. I am working on my fall calendar, back-to-school notes, and new church year projects. All is well, and I am grateful beyond words for the gentle, awesome blessings the Father has given this day.

How are you? I have missed you all, too, so much ♥


  1. (((hugs))) to you, Quinne. Nice to see you posting here again!

  2. (((hugs))) right back - thanks so much for the note, Stacy ♥ I have been reading in your journal lately for book ideas for Samuel. Tell your sweet Isaac ty for us for the recommendations (: