Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I read a little note just now that said, "What inspires you today?" First, I laughed. It has been a cabin fever-ish day for the sweetlings, and I am buried in projects. Not so very much the picture of inspiration around here today ^_^

But then... I stepped into the kitchen to find that I am inspired by greens. Not collard, not turnip, and most certainly not mustard - nope! No way! (I do understand that some of you may find that these types of greens are a source of great joy, but for me they are among the things least likely evah to bring on lofty ideas or any kind of happiness.)

The inspirational greens are those dancing among the branches of the gorgeous trees in our backyard. As I stood at the kitchen window, which covers most of the back wall of the room, I saw the light and the breeze playing with the leaves. The greens are brought to brilliance by the light and they are deep, so deep with the shadows - and. they. are. lovely. Joyful, hopeful, inspiring! How? They bring me once again to the hand, the mind, the heart, the One who thought up colors and leaves and light and breezes in the first place. And once again, I am blown away ♥

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