Saturday, August 2, 2014

ideas & sticky notes

Do you have certain areas on your desk where the sticky notes go? ^_^ When an idea is born here at my desk, the first place it goes is on a tiny sticky note at the right top corner of my desk under the lamp. There it lives a little while to age into a full blown project. I fill every available space on that tiny sticky note and then the idea moves into its very own project notebook.

This time of year, there is always at least one sticky note there, and I even have to find extra spots around my desk for other stickys to live and catch my attention repeatedly. The project notebooks are also tucked around everywhere right now, and I am constantly opening them to add to the ideas.

This time of year is so exciting - and isn't that neat?
Every June-ish I find myself thinking that I cannot imagine another new school year in the fall. But guess what? As I pour out all year long the Father fills me right back up for the next go. Grace, grace, grace!  Every year there comes a day when I realize that I am so beyond excited for the new school year that I could just pop. I am surprised by it - every year - and it brings such joy.  He is so good and so very faithful.

Pray with me as I plan and prepare and write stickys?
It is a privilege to pray with you, too♥

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