Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jane genes

Picture with me if you will a young girl resting peacefully asleep, when suddenly there is a full-grown adult mom standing, bouncing on the bed singing at the top of her voice, "Good morning to you! Good morning to you! Good morning dear (insert Ps & Qs), good morning to you!"

If you knew my mom, perhaps you can successfully recreate the scene in your mind. LoL! All of our lives Mom sang us silly songs of her own design (really, did you think Larry the Cucumber was the original source?). No matter the time of day or the geography involved, she tended to burst into song to our endless delight (and the strenuous rolling of our eyes) when least expected. One of my fondest memories of ASU was coming in from classes to find a song from Mom on the answering machine.

Well... now let's move forward to present day ^_^ I do hereby promise that I have never yet called my  sweetlings from dreamland with the masterpiece noted above. I do, however, find myself waxing lyrical when they need a bit of an attitude boost. The Jane genes kick in, I suppose, and no help for it. You may not yet have heard the classic "Joyful, joyful for your mommy..." (set to the tune of the hymn), or "Look up to the sky..." (borrowed from Chris Rice for use while creating hairstyles), and you may just be blessed for not having been exposed to such.

Here in these days when those things of Mom come bursting from my heart, how I thank the Father for having had her. Such joy, what fun ♥

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