Sunday, August 3, 2014

seeing Him

How do I see the Father?

It doesn't take but just a moment to begin a list of the many names, titles, characteristics given to Him in the Bible. And I know that He is those things. First of all, the Bible says so, and then there is the fact that He has been and is those things to me - personally. I can look  over the days of my life and see Him as provider, sustain-er, hope, life, light, powerful, compassionate, loving, present, peace, grace, mighty, creator, planner... The list goes on and on, as I am sure it does for you if you know Him.

This morning about 2:30 something occurred to me. I so often see the friend when I am looking at/to Him, thinking of Him, or talking with Him. That is a wonderful thing! I cherish that view of Him and the relationship that we have. It is essential to realize that He wants that.

Honestly, though, there is another essential, and I do let it fade into the background of my focus sometimes. He is also the LORD Almighty: with strength, purity, majesty and so many other things that are far, far beyond anything that I can really get my mind (or even my imagination) around.

So, then, how do I approach Him? I know that He wants me to come boldly to Him as His creation and as His daughter and yes - as His friend. But I need to make certain that I remember into whose presence I am entering. Just to stand and kneel and lie in awestruck wonder... Just to humbly bow and be there... Just to praise Him in my limited understanding of who HE is, remembering what I have been taught and what I know...

I love seeing Him, don't you? As I spend time with Him these days, especially during my quiet time, it amazes me again and again. All that He has done and is doing and will do. All that He knows and sees that I miss or can't understand. I am awestruck, and shaken, and utterly aware of the fact of His grace - and more than a little trembly and unsure of me - but more and more certain of Him.

Too, there is the special blessing here: the more I see, the more there is to see. And that is  tucked alongside forever and the promise of the sight of Him unmatched in my experience thus far. Just wow ♥

(Rediscovered notes from my journal)

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