Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the process

In my reading in Exodus, I have just come through where God gave instructions for the tabernacle, and where Moses shared this with the people. Now, I am reading about the people bringing offerings and crafting the tabernacle.

I have been thinking and praying about what reason God may have had in including these descriptions and details over and over again in the Bible. I love what this suggests about the way He plans and prepares and gives attention to details, and I have written about that before. Likewise, I am in awe of the fact that He wants us to know what He would have us do. He gives clear instructions about how we are to live.

I think the repetition here shows us the process: God gives His instructions. We receive them. We follow them.

It seems so simple. You might even be thinking as I did at first, "Is that all?" But, truly, if you consider it for a while, it is enough and more!

How hard it is for me sometimes just to DO what I know He would have me do. I've read His Word, come to understand His instructions (received them), and now I need to follow through. Maybe it is a physical action, or an attitude I need to correct, or a new way of seeing Him, or He is calling me up a little higher...

God gave the people of Israel the very specifics of His plan for the place they were to worship and how they were to worship. He gave them a worthy leader - one He spent time face to face with and enjoyed - who would faithfully share and oversee all of the instructions. God gave the gifts: from the treasure they were able to bring with them out of Egypt, to the skills of the craftsmen who would make the furnishings and hangings. And when Moses began to call for the offerings and materials and work, the people did what God asked!

My heart's desire is that I will do what will please Him.
I want to bless Him and bring Him joy.

The process... a mighty and marvelous gift, yes? ♥

(re-discovered treasure from my journal)

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