Monday, August 4, 2014

view choosing

We have in our care the 'view' of those God brings into our lives. That is a mighty prospect, is it not? What we choose to see when we look is completely at our own heart's discretion.

I believe that it is a discipline - that view choosing.

Just like we learn a memory verse and then take it to heart by recalling it when we are in need of "thinking on those things which are true and pure and good..."

We choose to love someone (husband, wife, child, friend, family) and then take them into our hearts by choosing to view the Christ there, the good there, the precious, delightful, the multifaceted depth there.

Now loving, really loving, means that we see it all. Knowing full well that there is a gracious plenty in each of us that is not lovely, we choose to love anyway.

We know that the person we love is wonky wierd, or sometimes selfish, or maybe has a bit of an enormous pimple on their nose... or has been crushed by a life trial, or is struggling to put aside an old habit, or just bugs us sometimes... or leaves their underwear on the floor, or changes the plans in the middle of the plan, or just can't seem to develop any tact...

But having acknowledged the truth of all that they are, we choose to view the lovely anyway.

We look past the current yuck (or the past yuck if we are holding on to it), and choose to see the touch of the Father's hand on the lives of those we come to know and love. We see them for the splendid one they are in Christ and for the richness they bring to our lives.

What joy to think of one another, to spend time together - when we are choosing that view... ♥

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