Tuesday, September 16, 2014

dashing about

Tuesday is a slammed day for us with school, gymnastics, soccer and scouts, but, oh! The fun we have. All of the dashing about leaves us fairly wrecked, but everyone is having such a super time, that no one notices until bed time. The sweetlings are ready for bed when the time comes and asleep almost as soon as they lie down. They will rest so well tonight!

We could not handle more than one day a week like this, and I am very thankful that the schedule is much more even and spread out over the other days of our week.

The best part of all in my humble opinion is getting to be the mom (Jamie may say it's being the dad). We get to see the excitement build as the day grows into afternoon and the sweetlings get ready for classes. They hop and dance and chatter about all that they are looking forward to, and it is an absolute delight to witness.

Then, we get to watch the class. Gracious, was any parent ever prouder? LoL! They are simply gorgeous to my eyes as they enjoy, learn, try, effervesce... what a privilege.

And finally comes the wrap. They share and giggle and explain what happened in class and then try to show each other new things as they buzz around like little bees.

Tomorrow will bring more stories as they remember today and practice and get ready for the next lessons. They will already be looking forward to them. Isn't that neat?

Oh the joy of simply living these days ♥

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