Friday, October 31, 2014

daisies, maple leaves & teeny, tiny pumpkins

Oh, how this gorgeous weather affects us ^_^ My artful, bake-ish, decor, and celebration genes stir more mightily than usual and move into overdrive (lol), and I am discovering that at least some of them have passed along to the sweetlings! We are all about the crafts every day these days, and the sweetlings are so ready to make our Thanksgiving and Christmas plans (I am not quite there yet). We are keeping pie crusts in the freezer and ingredients for pumpkin pies at the ready for the bursts of bake-ish fun that come along.

My littlest one is totally into the decor. She has big plans for when I allow her into the Thanksgiving box a little later next week! And she is working hard to remain content by keeping the windowsills and mason jars in the kitchen brimming with things she thinks are "just so beautiful, Mom!" Right now, she has a mason jar filled with the weedy baby daisy plants found by the side of the road and has mixed that with a pretty orange-red leaf from a sugar maple. The big windowsill in the kitchen has a row of tiny bright orange pumpkins paired with a sprinkling of more pretty fall leaves.

It is such a joy to see some of these wonderful inclinations I learned from precious ones in my life manifesting themselves in my sweetlings. I hope that they will be blessed by these things all their lives long. So thankful ♥

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