Monday, October 13, 2014

dessert first!

How do you order your days? In our little school here, we portion out our work so that we have a lighter day on Friday. It has always been so, and we all really love it! As much as I do appreciate the way this plan wraps our week, I am also a firm believer in mixing things up a bit from time to time ^_^ The sweetlings enjoy having a schedule so they know what is coming up next, but they are also delighted to know that they never do know just what Mom might do. (insert sneaky winkish grin and twinkly eyes here)

All weekend long a "different Monday" has been bubbling up in my mind, so today games and stories have been the first and only order of business. The world around us has paused, and my sweetling scholars are breathing a fresh, different bouquet of what we call our daily days.

Tomorrow we will jump back into our usual schedule -- taking with us the fresh eyes, hearts and attitudes that are the special gift result of days like today. How thankful I am for the imagination God has given, the time to spend, the freedom to change the plan and bring the joy anew!

Ahhh... there's nothing like having our dessert first!
Hmmm! Maybe we will do that at suppertime, too ♥

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