Thursday, October 23, 2014

first there was laughter

I have been looking forward all month to sharing with my ladies again in the first week of November. Just after our meeting ended last month, the Father gave me a single idea for the upcoming month: laughter. Now talk about a wonderful kick-start ^_^ I have been so excited about what is to come, while having absolutely no idea how things would flesh out. (If you are like me, that is a combination "YAY!" and "YIKES!" situation as the days pass and time draws near - lol).

Over the past three weeks, little flashes of ideas have been popping to mind to join the "laughter" that was the beginning of what will be. "Hats" was the next word. Whoo! I have been trying to piece together laughter and hats now for days!

Well, tonight! Just now, I have the picture! And. I. am. excited.

It doesn't look like what I'd first imagined. It won't be anything like what my ladies may be expecting two Mondays from now, but the possibilities! Oh, the joy of the possibilities when the Father gives an idea and begins to write the words and ways on my heart. How thankful I am to be a part. How I pray that He will be glorified and my ladies will be blessed.

Please pray with me? Thanks and ever thanks ♥

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