Wednesday, October 8, 2014

guest writer: Ila

Hi friends ^_^ This is Ila. I am writing for Mommy today, and I want to tell you about a very special friend of mine. His name is Odie, and he is a cat. He is beautiful, sweet, and orange. He lives very far away from me, and that makes me sad sometimes. But I think of him and pray for him every day, and that makes my heart happy. I am glad that he has some wonderful people to take care of him (they are VERY special to me, too). Odie lives with Aunt Paige, Uncle Josh, Max, and Halle in Missouri. I'll tell you one thing, Missouri is just too far from here!

I am glad that God had the idea for cats, aren't you? Cats are my most favorite animal of all the creatures. Well, that's all for today! Hope your day is a happy one (:

Love & hugs from Ila & Mommy ♥

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