Wednesday, October 29, 2014

hours daily

"...There is no part of a child's education more important than that he should lay, by his own observation, a wide basis of facts towards scientific knowledge in the future. He must live hours daily in the open air, and, as far as possible, in the country; must look and touch and listen; must be quick to note, consciously, every peculiarity of habit or structure, in beast bird, or insect; the manner of growth of every plant. He must be accustomed to ask why - Why does the wind blow? Why does the river flow? Why is a leaf-bud sticky?"  ~CMason

Taking some time to read and be encouraged by our dear Miss Mason. There is certainly no perfection in any particular method, but her eye to children's hearts and the joy of leading them in learning is as grand a thing as there ever was ♥

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