Monday, October 6, 2014

quiet spaces

The weekend is over and a new week is underway! I hope this finds you well and having had a lovely beginning. How was your weekend? Ours was delightful ^_^ The time together (priceless), the gorgeous weather (favorite), the slower pace (gift), the precious people (treasure) - all is grace!

I am sitting here just now considering this new week hoping for, anticipating the joy that will be tucked in there. As things crank up and the busy-ness begins to tug at peace, I want to remain watchful. I don't want to miss a single thing that God has for me in the moments and days of this new week. The joy and blessings flow through all of the hours at His hand, but it is in the quiet spaces - the time I set apart - that I can really see and come to understand all that He gifts to me.

May it be a most blessed, joy-filled, purposefully watchful week for you, too ♥

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