Friday, November 14, 2014

the blue button

A couple of nights ago, I dreamed I was searching. I was in a country where English was not the first language, and I did not speak the language of the area. As the dream began, I had been searching for quite some time. I walked into a cafe and there, sitting at a table together, were a little boy and girl of around five years old. They had rich brown hair that caught the light (his straight, hers in ringlet curls), and beautiful chocolate eyes. Bright, sad, lonely eyes. I walked over to them and immediately they stood and took my hands. As we left the cafe, the little boy pulled us to a stop. He held up the hand that wasn't holding mine. He was holding something tightly in his fist. Slowly he opened his hand, and there in his palm was a royal blue button. He placed the button in the corner of the cafe floor just inside the door and said, "Until today, this button was the most beautiful thing I have seen. I know that now that you are here, I will see many more beautiful things. I will leave it here for another to hold onto and hope with." And with that, we left the cafe.

How can you miss someone you have never met? This dream, those sweetlings are so real, so close to my heart. So I am lifting up two little ones who are waiting, hoping -- though I do not know their names, where they live, or for what they wait and hope. Will you pray with me? ♥

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