Monday, December 8, 2014

in the morning

When I wake in the morning these days the first thoughts that come to mind are a prayer for the hours closest at hand. As I considered sharing about them here, it occurred to me that the things for which I ask the Father most privately and most particularly for our daily days are the very things I say all day long to the sweetlings. The very things I want so much to teach them are the very cry of my heart for myself as I grow alongside them.

I ask Him to give me a heart for my family
to help me be a blessing to them in every way possible in the coming day.

I ask Him to help me to really see them, hear them, know them
to help me be sensitive in the details of what they encounter as they are becoming.

I ask Him to help me be joyful, kind, and gentle
knowing that only with His help will that be so as the hours unfold.

I ask Him to jolt me to silence
when my voice begins to grow loud, when the challenges come.

I ask Him to help me choose the best words, give me His words
as I try to help young hearts learn to love, to serve, to mend, to grow.

I thank Him for the privilege of being a mom though it still scares me to absolute silence sometimes. I lie there, waking, silent, hoping, trusting in the fact that He has given the sweetlings into my care with His for a while. And I end up back at the thankfulness - aware of the awesome privilege - and there is peace to continue.

I ask Him to give us the opportunity to bless someone in the day
to help us allow Him to live and shine as we visit with those precious ones who cross our paths.

And as the day begins and passes, I find that I need every single thing for which I have asked ^_^ and I see Him there in the moments with such love and such faithfulness answering and answering and answering ♥

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