Saturday, December 6, 2014

o Christmas tree

The tree is up! The tinsel and lights are on! It is a beautiful tree, lovely in shape, just right in height. It was delivered a few days ago by our own precious Santa. Wayne, it is glorious! Thank you ♥

Over the next few days we will add the ornaments - all of the colors will go on, except for the reds ^_^ They come last (always) to balance the colors and make the tree pop.

We will laugh and chatter, the sweetlings will dance, and Jamie and I will tell the stories again of the people and places who have brought such sweet memories and special additions to our tree.

We will listen to Evie sing, "Come on Ring Those Bells,"and I will tear up as Christmas present takes a sweet moment to enfold itself in Christmas past...

After all is finished, we will turn the lights off except for the tree, squish onto the couch, and carol. Just we five ^_^ and it will be the heart-song of Christmas.

What joy ♥

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