Friday, January 30, 2015


I remember thinking that Meredith would be an only child. Nearly four years went by, and then we found out that you were on your way. Surprise! Oh, what absolute joy!

And I remember thinking, "Oh, another little girl! Just what Meredith needs, a sister, and we have all the clothes, and I am all set... I know what to do with baby girls."

Later, we went to see you in pictures for the first time. We were so excited! And then the doctor asked if we would like to know if you were going to be a boy or a girl. I remember smiling to myself (thinking "girl") and saying yes.

I wept when we found out that you were a boy. It makes me laugh so now, but I was blown away! No, not disappointed - not at all - but terrified! What will I do with a boy? I had no clue.

It only took me a little while to adjust my ideas, sweet boy, but even then I had no hint of a clue about the amazing things that were to come all wrapped up in you.

God new I needed you. He created you for Himself, but I am certain that He knew just how much Dad and Meredith and Ila and I needed you. The things you have taught me! One day I will tell you more about all of those things, but just for now I will say that I would be so much less without you.

You laugh with such joy that it is catching.
Your eyes twinkle like none I have ever seen before.
You love us so well, with such a gentle heart.
You ask amazing questions.
You play with absolute abandon.
You are a gorgeous picture of patience and caring.
You are a blessing every day.

Some of your favorite things to do right now are to build with your Legos, play soccer, hang out with your sisters, hang out with your scout troop, read about "The Sugar Creek Gang," play video games, try anything new... You love to meet people, you have a beautiful voice (when you will sing for me), and you have beautiful handwriting. You say you don't like math, but you are great at it. Your very favorite school-ish thing to do is science experiments, and you would do them every day all day if we could. You love to tell us jokes, but you get so tickled trying to tell one and we are all laughing so hard by the middle --that you have to begin all over again! I never thought I would ever meet anyone who got as excited about things as my mom did, but you do, and it is so much fun to be there when you are anticipating something.

I am going to tuck this note away for you for later. If I gave it to you now or in the morning, you would blush a little under your freckles and say, "Mo-om!"

You will be nine years old in a few hours, son. I am so proud of you, so thankful for you. These years have simply sparkled because you were in them. I am teary as we approach your "very last single digit" --but I am also looking forward with great joy. To watch you, be with you, grow with you as you are becoming is a gift beyond words.

So, I'll hush now ^_^
I love you, my precious boy ♥

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