Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Three notes today...

...one from a missionary friend whose team member was attacked and died for holding meetings in his home and sharing about Christ. My friend and the rest of his team had to make tough decisions about their further ministry, and they have chosen to continue. They have decided that the Gospel is worth their lives. They are trusting the Father for the future.

...one from the Yopp family, filled with joy and praise. Camron is in remission today! He still has a long road (five years' worth) of waiting  as well as lots more chemo for an all clear from leukemia, but he and his family and all of those of us who have been praying have received the answer for which we were hoping. They are trusting the Father for the future.

...one from the Mitchell family, as they bear witness to the final days of Belle's (their seven year old daughter's) life here on earth. They are seeing decline every day - so quickly - though there are gentle moments of awareness and "together" still tucked in the hours. They watch and wait, praying still for time. They are trusting the Father for the future.

Lord! Lord! My heart. You are the One in Whom all of these things are made good. You hold each of these precious people, my own family, everyone in Your hand. You love so much more than we can understand. Help us as we trust You for the future ♥

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