Wednesday, January 21, 2015

two journals

New projects! How fun (:
I am beginning today with two new handwritten journals.

One is entitled "As I Go" and is a place to jot down notes and sketches, paste ideas and articles I find that remind me to look up and out -- and then in. A collection of things that encourage me in my daily days, I hope it will be something that will enhance my walk with the Father in the hours of these precious days --as well as something my sweetlings can have later, from my own hand and heart to theirs.

The other is a nature journal. I have been searching for a personal research project and have found one in herbs. I have always loved them, grown them on and off, dried them for projects, sketched them, cooked and crafted with them. My focus specifically is the herbal knowledge, lore and traditions of the southern Appalachians. My nature journal will be a collection of notes and sketches, basically anything and everything I find that is interesting or lovely to me on the subject.

I have some great books with which to begin, but I would love to hear from you if you have or know of good sources of information. And if you happen to know of anyone who would have stories to share, I would love to meet them! ♥

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