Tuesday, February 10, 2015

o little lion heart

Oh, the moment when your littlest one looks at you with eyes bright and flashing and cheeks nearly cracking from joy and says, "I can do it! Just you wait, Mom, I can do it ALL --all by myself." And she bursts away and off with pounding feet and singing to do the task she has set before herself...

My littlest sweetling has the heart of a lion. She runs to challenge and exuberantly, emphatically is all-in before the thing is even begun. I love that failure and so many other crushing things never even occur to her. How I long to be like her in so many ways!

I know that time will temper her approach, but I trust that it will never change completely, because I see the Father in it in her. That boldly going. I look so forward to the ways He will make her more like Himself in this.

Too, I am trusting Him for gentle learning for her that "all by myself" was never His plan. Thank God! To know Him more and understand Him more as she realizes that asking for help is good, that we need Him and each other. That "together" and "light burdens" and what they translate to (love) were ideas born in His heart for our hearts as we meet the moments of our days ♥

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