Monday, February 2, 2015

Stone Fox

The sweetlings and I finished reading a wonderful adventure last week! They fell in love with Little Willy, the main character, right away and so wanted to help him save the farm. They were impressed by his willingness to help Grandfather. They marveled at how hard Willy worked and all that he accomplished on the farm by himself. They were so upset that Grandfather was sick. They were in awe of the Stone Fox.

Their favorite character, though, was Searchlight, Willy's dog. Every time she was mentioned, they were delighted! They wove their own tales about all of the fun Willy and Searchlight must have had, thinking all the time about our dog, Licorice, and wondering whether or not she could pull a sled ^_^

We won't spoil the story for you, but we will highly recommend it. Our heart strings were tugged, and there were tears - so parents, you may want to pre-read.

Stone Fox
by John Reynolds Gardiner

Here's to children with the hearts of lions, grownups who encourage, quiet unexpected heroes who stand up for others, and gorgeous pets who bring such joy ♥

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