Thursday, February 12, 2015

the every day

In my reading today, I was challenged to "see the something more in the everyday." I needed the reminder. One of the desperate cries of my heart is truly seeing, not missing the Father anywhere as I walk daily. God has not placed me in what the world would define as "the grand moment" -- but from His heart and in His eyes every moment is the grand moment. Here in this place He has made for me for now (and maybe for always) He breathes life into the moments, He adds the grand to the every day. How I want to be so present in it that I do not miss a thing!

I believe in the "more there" - I am certain that mundane and blah never ever have anything to do with life in Christ. Likewise, I am sure that walking daily where I am, content, with an eye to forever has everything to do with life in Christ.

Oh, to gather in the wisdom, the joy, the peace, the life
of seeing the something more in the every day ♥

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